Be Anonymous on The Internet

Topic – Be Anonymous on The Internet


Speaker’s Name – Vong Borey

Summary – Remain 100% anonymous on the Internet is complicated because when browsing the web, the computer connects to the target server by contacting the web page with the user’s IP address and sharing other computer information, including the browser and operating system version. This information can be used to track the user! However, a certain degree of anonymity can be achieved by using different methods and tricks such as Proxy, VPN, Private mode or Incognito mode, and other software products.

About the Speaker – Currently, the Software Developer of the USAID-funded SPICE program (Structuring Partnerships for an Innovative Communication Environment). He is involve in developing android application to promote the usage of Khmer Unicode for fascinating and improving the broadcast of the information through the media channel, smart phone. In order to archive this objectives the technology aspects needed to be researched, comprehend and figured out by team members in the support from the program manager and other third parties relating in personal or conditional help. To assure that, the communication and monitoring process is executed by our team members for reporting the work progress to the board management and sponsor. Besides this project, he has some experience on web and application development over some private sectors and institutes and his passion on Information Technology was the way leading him to get the degree of Computer Science and Engineering from Royal University of Phnom Penh and other short course connected to programming language and algorithm.

Language for Presentation – Khmer
Time to present – on morning of 24th

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