ICT course for grade 11 and 12

Topic – ICT course for grade 11 and 12

Kheng Piseth

Speaker’s Name – Kheng Piseth

Summary – Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the first courses to be developed within EVEP. MoEYS has requested the Department of Curriculum Development to develop ICT courses for grades 11 and 12, aiming at giving the students after the two courses a better preparation to integrate themselves in a work place, communication and computer skills, and a clear idea of the careers that they can follow in the field of ICT. Recent studies in Cambodia show that while students consider that what they need to easily find a job are technical skills (English language and computer skills, mostly), prospective employees are looking for problem solving skills and self-confidence, to ensure that the adaptation of new employees to their business or organization will take place quickly. These potential employers consider that the skills that student have at present when they graduate from the general education system are quite deficient in technical knowledge, communication, critical thinking and confidence. In short, pure technical computer skills are not sufficient to help students adapt to a work environment and become useful within a reasonable period of time, as students do not know the tasks or the situations in which these skills will be used. This lack of knowledge, and the inability to adapt to new situations easily (low level of critical thinking and problem solving skills) make the adaptation of new employees to the work environment slow and costly for business.

About the Speaker – Kheng Piseth is a training manager for SPICE program funded by USAID and program manager for the KhmerOS and Open Schools program at the Open Institute. He graduates a Bachelor’s degree of Computer Science and Engineering from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (2005, Cambodia) and Master degree in Development Management from the Norton University (2010, Cambodia).

Language for Presentation – Khmer
Time to present – on afternoon of 23rd

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