Online Security for Citizen Journalist

Topic – Online Security for Citizen Journalist

Ngeth Moses

Speaker’s Name – Ngeth Moses

Summary – When new media roles over traditional media, a lot of people play their role as reporters. Those reporters are called Citizen Journalists, “They see it, they post it”. Something you can think of before joining this section: 1) Do you know that 120 password characters can be unlocked within 24hs? 2) How to trace your un-wanted person’s email? 3) How can I protect my Facebook account? 4) How to be safe online and off line? 4) Apps for Journalist

About the Speaker – My name is Ngeth Moses; I am Cambodian. I am working at Community Legal Education Center as a Communication Coordinator. I am interesting in Freedom of expression, Internet Freedom, Social Media, Online Campaign, New Media and Photography.

Language for Presentation – Khmer
Time to present – on afternoon of 23rd

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