Privacy-aware Role Based Access Control (P-RBAC)

Topic – Privacy-aware Role Based Access Control (P-RBAC)

HEAN Samboeun

Speaker’s Name – HEAN Samboeun

Summary – In Privacy-aware Role Based Access Control model (P-RBAC) consisted seven core components, condition is one important entity which joined into policy evaluation process. Most policies are required multi-conditions with different parameters. This presentation shows the result of the research on P-RBAC for developing a policy administration and evaluation engine and also analyzed the dynamic conditions and designed this engine, based on XACML core model and it supports the XML-based access control policy. The engine was prototyped in Java with the support of JBoss Drools Experts, the rule evaluation tools, for policy evaluation. Finally, the results of experiment shown that engine be able to work with dynamic conditions as many as depended on policy assignment. Although, the techniques and methods are applied to solve the N-conditions problem could be used in the future needs for another two P-RBAC entities: Purposes and Obligations. The engine would be integrated with another system for high security purpose like health care system, social network system, and etc.

About the Speaker – I am a lecturer and researcher of Computer Science Department of Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). I was graduated master degree of science in Information Technology in specialization Artificial Intelligence System from Russia. I was researched on P-RBAC in Belgium.

Language for Presentation – Khmer

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