Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Topic – Rapid Application Development (RAD)


Speaker’s Name – Jose de Soto

Summary – This presentation would like to show how taking full advantage of PAAS (platform as a service)technologies and frameworks. It is possible to accelerate the development. Create a really scalable application and focus the 90% of the time in the software you develop. Avoiding excessive pre-planning generally allows software to be written much faster, and makes it easier to change requirements. With a Rapid Application Development (RAD) the presentation will has a practical part, where we will see how in 10 minutes is possible to develop a small web application and upload in a PAAS platform to be ready for a production environment.

About the Speaker – Experienced as a Linux System administrator with a big interest in people, open source and developing. During the last years I have been working as a Linux System Administrator role been responsible for designing platforms, installing, configuring, and maintaining UNIX/Linux servers, monitoring and tuning the systems to achieve optimum levels of performance. Participating in developing highly complex solutions as SSO, Clusters, LB, network design and introducing best practices, tools organizational issues and developing tools to reduce manual work. My career choice often does not allow me to code as much as I would like. Therefore, I am trying to participate in open source projects and making my own projects open source on my spare time as much as I can. As well, combined Linux System Administrator and developing to create dashboard to collect statistics around the server, to automatize task, software deployments, etc I love the challenge of technology intensive and complex projects and organizations

Language for Presentation – English
Time to present – on afternoon of 23rd

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