Strange Technology

Topic – Strange Technology

Hor Sophanna

Speaker’s Name – Hor Sophanna

Summary – I am proposing this topic as ones might or might not aware that today technology is coming up to the so-called high-tech. Most countries in the world are focusing on developing technology and that has brought us many useful devices and more, to make our life easier and cool. As technology has been to the highest, what make it more interesting and cool is to make it strange enough that could go beyond our expectation. Though Cambodia is under the constraint of high-tech education, make the technology more strange, fun and useful is very important to bring young people’s attention and encourage them to be more interested in studying and innovating technology.

About the Speaker – Hor Sophanna is currently the Product Development Supervisor of Angkor Engineering and Consulting of Cambodia, and also the founder of Arrowdot technology team. Sophanna has initiated and formed the team of electronic automation and telecommunication engineering team in 2012, and just after the team formed they have created Cambodian robots such as World-E, Amat, and Magic House. He has the vision to invent the creative technology that can facilitate the easy life.

Language for Presentation – Khmer
Time to present – on morning of 23rd

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